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Spottedbelly of ThunderClan, AKA SeddieThunder :)
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"If everyone cared and nobody cried,
If everyone loved and nobody lied,
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride,
Then we'd see the day when nobody died."


Hello friends! :dummy:

A little about me:

Age: 16
Background: French and American (of German descent)
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Major fandoms: iCarly, Harry Potter, Warriors, Star Wars, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Twilight, Victorious, Glee, Peanuts, Phineas and Ferb, and many, many more...

Inspiration: Jennette McCurdy--she's my idol. I love her music and her acting and I love how she pursues exactly what she wants. She does what SHE likes best, not necessarily what is mainstream or what her fans might like best. I think that’s a really admirable of her. :) And of course it’s her motivation, perseverance, and personality that I truly am in awe of. And of course I totally covet her beauty; she’s what I aspire to be, both inside and out.

I like any kind of art, but I mostly seek out digital art, photography, and fan art. The honest reason I like fan art so much is that you can do SO MUCH with characters that aren't yours, and it's really fascinating to see everyone's different takes on fictional characters and their relationships.

My style is contantly-evolving... heck, I'm not even sure that "evolving" is the right word. I think I'm mostly just inconsistent. xD But I really like drawing and doodling, photography, poetry, prose... basically whatever churns out of this crazy brain of mine, you might find in my gallery.~~


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Thank you for taking the time to visit my page :heart:
Much love, Spotty~

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Upon request~

So at my school, there are three chem teachers.  The married lesbian woman, she's the one with the temper; the gay guy who has a boyfriend, he's the awesome/hot one; aaaand then there's my teacher.  The single gay man.

I'm not even quite sure where to start.  Sitting in his class is quite an adventure in itself.  He's definitely very knowledgeable about his subject (seriously, he like lives and breathes chemistry--it's pretty cool).  BUUUT he can't teach.  He just can't!  The big problem is that he'll explain things one way, and most of the class either doesn't get it or was sleeping through his explanation or both.  So then a student will ask for clarification and he'll give them a really long, convoluted and not-so-well-thought-out answer, which ends up confusing more people, including the ones who understood it the first time.  And then he gets off on all these long, random tangents.  That was especially annoying toward the beginning of first semester cuz he'd start explaining all this other stuff that we weren't supposed to learn until wayyy later, like end of second semester. xP  So that's his teaching style.

He's also in love with this super-old textbook that he's been teaching from for years.  But now the county requires him to give us a newer textbook that explains everything really suckily and doesn't even cover half the crap we need to know.  SOO, since they have a bajillion of the old textbook lying around, he gave us a SECOND textbook in the middle of first semester just cuz he was so frustrated with the newer ones being so bad. xD

Now he also has this raging battle going on with the administrators, cuz apparently a few of them hate his guts and want him fired.  So they're always coming in to observe his classes and then sending him nasty emails about everything he did wrong (which he reads out loud to us the next day and are always insanely ridiculous in nature).  All the students are on his side, mostly because we feel bad for him I think, but also because as time went on we kind of grew really attached to him... :aww: They came into one of his classes to observe him on exam review day (what assholes :no:) so he bribed that class to be well-behaved and then he bought ALL of his students donuts on exam day~ 8D  And the worst part is, he's so afraid to lose his job and he has no life so he stays at school 'til like 7pm every day making sure that his lesson plans are above-and-beyond JUST to prevent those bastards from randomly walking in one day and finding something to fire him for.  It's that bad :(

But on another note, and this might have prompted some of the parent complaints that I think set this whole thing into motion, he came in to teach one time COMPLETELY.STONED. and he like, threw a stapler in the trash or something xD  At that time, I had him last period of the day so by then they had already sent him home and we had a sub and so I only heard rumors but... LMAO.  And then we had random subs for a few days... and then he came back and everything was normal...  But a kid on my bus who had him last year warned me of his party-animal tendencies and how his facebook is all pictures of him at gay bars getting drunk and stoned and how he has both nipples pierced. xD  Oh him.

And so one time, he had a conversation with us about cheating.  Not the kind you'd expect from a teacher either. xD  Actually, he was telling us about the time when he was in high school (late 80s I think) and he and his friends (apparently his entire class--private-school boys are pretty tight-knit from what he told us) all organized this mass cheating event on a test.  He actually kept going on and on about how awesome it was and how much fun and how proud he was that they never got caught. xD  And then he proceeded to downgrade our generation for not being nearly as good at cheating as his was :rofl:

So yep.  That's my chem teacher ^^  And those are only the notable incidents so far this year.  He's quite a character.  I HOPE HE DOESN'T GET FIRED; I'D MISS HIM TOO MUCH<3
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